The management team of Infrared Medical Technologies, LLC. has the experience and expertise to complete the research and development phases, develop a prototype, as well as interest investors in our product, ThermoWand®.

David Johnson - Founder

David N. Johnson Co-founder

David has over 20 years of National Award winning sales experience in the healthcare sector with several years in the health insurance industry and then embarking into the pharmaceutical industry 20 years ago. David has successfully launched products in both industries, from rolling out HIP health insurance's 1st Medicare D program as well as 4 product launches in pharmaceuticals. David holds a BA in English from King's College as well as a MS in Marketing from NYU.

Timothy Johnson - Founder

Dr. Timothy Johnson Founder, Head Engineer

Holds an MSEE from New York Institute of Technology and is a registered Professional Engineer in Massachusetts. He has taught fifteen years at Wentworth Institute of Technology in their Electrical Engineering department as an Associate Professor. He recently completed a Doctor of Professional Studies in Computers at Pace University defending a dissertation on Improving Infrared Sensor Temperature Readings using Machine Analysis of Emissivity. He is listed as a Investigator with the National Institute of Health.

Richard Centauro Chief Technical Officer

Richard is a technology guru, hands-on developer, and business leader for entrepreneurs. His background includes imaging technology with a number of companies including Imaging Technology Inc., Phillips/ElectroScan Corporation, Polaroid Medical Imaging Systems, NEC Computer Systems Division, PCI Communications Group, EMC Contractor for Data General, InfoLibria Inc., and State Street Bank. In these position he rose from Lead Engineer, Systems Engineer, Senior Engineer, Senior Hardware Development Engineer, Project Lead Engineer, Principle Engineer, to Assistant Vice President Architecture/DB for State Street Bank. Rich obtained his Degree in Technology from Wentworth Institute of Technology graduating in 1984. Rich is an expert in performing cost reduction and system design optimization. He is most proud of assisting Dr. Robert Ballard Applying Imaging Technology Corporations Image Processing Systems to the Alvin/Jason Submersibles that lead to the discovery of the Titanic wreck in 1985.

Douglas Gallagher Chief Marketing Officer

Douglas Gallagher is an active entrepreneur focused on creating innovative, growthfocused businesses. In addition to navigating an increasingly complex and competitive environment, Douglas is responsible for identifying new technology trends to drive futureproof product development and works to secure and manage capital investments. Douglas is also the founder of the Amazing Design Group, an integrated marketing agency that develops results-oriented creative solutions for clients that range from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. He is an active supporter of NYC Swim, an organization dedicated to hosting open water events around NYC and improving the health & well-being of both children and adults through swimming. Douglas holds a BS in Business from the University of Virginia.

Advisory Committee

An Advisory committee has been established for Infrared Medical Technology, LLC. The purpose is to help guide IMT through the technological, regulatory, and business/financial hurdles anticipated.

Dr. Robert Young, PhD

Bob received a Ph.D. in Marine Geology (MIT-Woods Hole Oceanographic Joint Program) in 1975) and joined NOAA’s Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Labs where he carried out research programs on sediment transport in the offshore US and internationally. In 1982 he joined Exxon’s Production Research Company where he did research in seafloor stability at drilling platform sites and carried out a variety of international projects to analyze the geology of potential reservoirs. Bob left Exxon to form EGS, an environmental geology consulting company where he did numerous seafloor stability projects in the US and overseas. In 1988 he left EGS and joined Schlumberger to manage their geologic consulting services, eventually becoming their chief geologist. One major achievement at Schlumberger was to form a team of scientists and engineers who created a unique method to guide drilling through deformed formations using conductivity measured at the drill bit. He then asked for an assignment in Houston to manage Schlumberger’s geologic analysis software development, responsible for $30 million in sales. After retiring in 2004 he formed his own website development and consulting company. Dr. Young has published over 40 scientific papers and internal reports.

Edward T. Leuschner, CPA, P. C.

Ed is the accountant for Infrared Medical Technology, LLC., and was the originator for the name Infrared Medical Technology. He received his Bachelor of Business Administration degree at St. Johns University in 1958. He is a Certified Public Accountant, and president of Edward T. Leuschner, CPA, PC, a tax practice specializing in taxes, tax planning, and financial planning. He’s been in business in Manhasset, NY, for over 35 years. See more information at

Stephen Kuperberg, MD

Stephen J. Kuperberg is an Internist and Pulmonologist, as a diplomate of American Board of Internal Medicine. He received his medical degree from Ross University School of Medicine, where he was chapter president of the American Medical Student Association. He went on to complete internship and residency at the State University of New York, Health Science Center at Brooklyn, where physicians-in-training receive the academic title of Clinical Assistant Instructor. After residency, he was appointed to the medical staff with a faculty position at two major academic medical centers in New York City. He then returned to State University of New York to gain specialty training in Pulmonary Disease and Critical Care Medicine, during which time he presented scientific work at Thoracic Medicine conferences across the world. Dr. Kuperberg is currently a junior faculty member at a top tier academic medical center in North Carolina meanwhile continuing to train in the field of advanced diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy.